Saturday, January 12, 2019

What Sold Since January 1st

With the holidays finishing up and putting away Christmas decorations, getting ready to go back to work at the elementary school, I did not have a lot of extra time to devote to my eBay adventures.

I have to remember that I am just a part time seller, and it is something I enjoy and not let it get to me when things are not selling like hot cakes.  My primary purpose is to build up listed inventory to encourage sales through the summer when I am not working and am not receiving a paycheck.  I like the school schedule, I am able to take the same time off as my grandkids and that is very important to me.

The Crate and Barrel Snowflake Dish Towels were in a grab bag of sorts at the Goodwill.  I initially bought the bag because of the table runner and random Christmas decorations.  But in the mix I did notice the red what I initially thought were hand towels.  Great, I can use them next year in the kitchen.

When I opened the bag and investigated more, I saw the Crate and Barrel tag and that there were a total of 6.  I listed them as two sets of three for $24.99 for each set, and accepted an offer of $15.00 for each set for a total of $30.00.   The towels averaged about $0.19 cents each.

There was also another set of white with red snowflakes Crate and Barrel Dish Towels in the lot, which I had to launder as there were a couple of stains on one or two of them.  I was not able to remove the stains, but I listed them anyway and put that info in the listing.

You can view that listing HERE

My other sale was a collection of Karoke CD's.  I picked it up for $1.00  at Goodwill and sold it for $26.99 with free shipping. CD's are easy to store, they don't take up a lot of room and the return can be pretty good. 

Living in Central Florida, I tend to find a lot of Disney collectibles.  Is that because so many people in the are work at Disney and clean out their closets once in a while or is the local population in general that are big Disney fans and buy so much stuff that sometimes they have to clean out and make room for more stuff?  

Either way, I will pick up Disney stuff for cheap and list it for a large amount with best offer.   For example, I found this laptop shoulder bag for $3.99  View listing HERE

Disney 40th Anniversary Park Exclusive Blue Mickey Messenger Laptop Shoulder Bag

 I also found this Polynesian Resort Monorail Set ofr $6.99, It is missing one of the stairwells, but is otherwise complete  and some parts are still in original packaging.  I have it listed for $499.00 OR Best Offer.  It has several watchers but no offers yet. View listing HERE:

Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort Monorail Set w Box Almost Complete

I still have many items to list, so there will be no stopping at the Goodwill the rest of the month.  The incentive is to get all unlisted inventory listed, so I can go back and source for more cool stuff.

Here are the numbers!

My Store Week Jan 1-12, 2019
Total Items in Store: 38
Items Sold:2
Gross Sales: $56.99
Cost of Items Sold: $1.50
Cost of helpers: $0
Highest Price Sold: $30.00 (Crate and Barrel Snowflake Dish Towels)
Average Price Sold: $28.50
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory These Last Two Weeks: $52.00
Number of items listed these last 2 weeks:19

How was your week?  Were your sales pretty good? 

Monday, December 31, 2018

It's All About the Numbers

I just re-opened my eBay store more towards the end of this month of December.  So far I have 24 active listings with 9 of those listings posted this week.
Taking slow and steady is my mantra this time around.

My Store Week Dec 1-31, 2018
Total Items in Store: 24
Items Sold: 8
Gross Sales: $364.98
Cost of Items Sold: $5.90
Cost of helpers: $0
Highest Price Sold: $199 (Martha Stewart Snowflake Cookie Cutter Set)
Average Price Sold: $45.62
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $48.90
Number of items listed this week: 9

I am very pleased with the average price per item sold.  The cookie cutter set skewed the average, but hey, If we can find similar unicorns with regard to profit, that will be awesome. 

How were your numbers?   

Friday, December 28, 2018

Best Thing I Sold On Ebay Dec 2018 & a Link Up Party

Jumping back into eBay is a reboot for thrifting and listing for me.  I keep telling myself to take it slow and to look for items that are easier to ship and store.  Flatware fit this criteria.

I am new to selling flatware and I find it a bit challenging.  Currently, I thrift items from our local GoodWill.  On occasion, they will have bundles of flatware taped and plastic wrapped with pricing from $1.99 to $5.99 for that particular bundle.

Earlier this month, I found a bundle for $2.99, and I managed to pull out one of the pieces for identification.

They were marked Oneida USA and for $2.99 I took the plunge.  The pack contained 29 pieces, that were made up of teaspoons, dinner forks, soup spoons, knives and a serving spoon in the Oneida USA pattern Bancroft.

There were also a few random pieces of Splendide in the Cirrus pattern and Retroneu in the Prince of Wales pattern.  The popular brand is the Oneida USA Bancroft pattern.  The pattern ran from 1998 through 2004 and is now discontinued.

 I listed this pattern first as I had more of it to list.  A rookie error when listing is to price items too low.  I did just that with the teaspoons. Originally I listed a set of two teaspoons for $17.99  and immediately sold two sets.

I raised the price to $27.99 for the last set and they also sold but it took a bit longer.

 The dinner forks also sold, three for $24.99 and a set of four sold for $32.99.

Each piece cost me appox $.10 cents and to date I have grossed $121.95.

I researched the dinner knives for Oneida USA Bancroft on eBay and they are not selling at all when looking at the solds.  I doubt I will list them and may just use them myself.

I am pleased with my initial foray into reselling vintage flatware and am excited to find more profitable bundles of flatware at the GoodWill.

What have you sold on Ebay or Etsy this week?  Share your best flips here!

Inlinkz Link Party

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Easing Back Into eBay

It has been a hot minute since I posted here.  Three years is a long time to take a break, but I am back at eBay slow and steady.  So much has transpired in three years since I  closed my eBay store.

In a nutshell, I worked a year
Merry Christmas!
at the high school, took 18 months off to have two knee replacements, and now I am working at an elementary school which I absolutely love.

I have missed eBay and thrifting. It will always be a part of my life even though it waxes and wanes.  Has that happened to you?  You really get into the thrifting, listing and selling and then time passes and you lose interest?  And then all of a sudden, you are like, Hey!!  I miss it!!

Well, that is how it goes for me.  I will check in and let you know how things are going and what cool stuff I am able to find and flip.

Leave a comment and let me know you are out there!!

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stopped by the Goodwill Yesterday

I took a side trip to the Goodwill yesterday and had a look.  My intentions were to look for collectible coffee mugs that I can flip on eBay.  In the past, I have had pretty good luck with reselling mugs and other stuff on eBay.

Here are a few things I found at Goodwill yesterday.  The Estee Lauder Box is a reasonable size and needs a bit of cleaning.  The inside smells like Estee Lauder products. 

Estee Lauder Plastic Box

The inside of the Estee Lauder Box

The grandkids will enjoy the Legos.  They are going to soak a bit as they have a bit of a musty odor.


I did find this NIB beverage warmer for .69 cents.  Maybe it was a white elephant gift that was not appreciated?  We tried it out this morning and it works! 

NIB beverage warmer for .69 cents 

This Nativity set is stinking cute.  The blues are vibrant and the pieces are smooth.   It may be a keeper.  But, that was not the purpose of stopping at Goodwill.  I do intend to list this set and sell it on eBay this weekend.

Mexican Nativity Set 

I am keeping this 99 cent plate for next Easter.  It is from World Market.

It has been a hot minute since I have been to the Goodwill for the specific purpose of finding items for eBay.  I will be cleaning up the Estee Lauder box and listing that, and the Mexican Nativity set.  

Baby steps! 

What are your thrifty finds?  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ebay again?

It's been a looonnng  time since I posted about on this blog.  Funny, I have not been active on eBay in so long.

But, I recently I have thought long and hard about getting back into eBay and earning a side income.
Last night, I reactivated my domain name, Happy Girl Thrift, which will take you to my eBay store.  It is currently empty..... for now.

 We are recovering from hurricane Irma and are cleaning up limbs.  Stay Tuned.....

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun Finds This Weekend

The weekends go by so darn fast, don't they? This past Saturday, I passed by a large yard sale on the way to an adoption event for my foster pups. I dropped off the pups(with the help of my grandson) and we headed over to the yard sale.

Here is a picture of yard sale from the front seat of car.

Not the best picture, but it gives you a visual. There were two rows of tables with lots of cool stuff.

I did get some of it listed this weekend:

Marwal head. I don't have much experience with these....
But I bought both. They are striking!

This little bank is the 40's-50's. It was an advertisement for Seamen's bank. My research tells me that McCoy made them. Do you have any insight?

Can never resist a mug. Ever.

To carry on the calvacade theme... Sheet music of George M Cohan. Love the James Cagney movie " Yankee Doodle Dandy"!

There were a few more items that I picked up. Will post them later this week.

Hope you found lots of cool stuff too!!