Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Goals for Getting It Together Mar 25, 2012

How did you do on your goals last week?  It is Sunday and time to become accountable!   Here is the  low down from two weeks ago :

 1.  List another 50 items on Ebay.  Almost.
    2.  Investigate the possibilities of renting space at local antique mall.   Not Cost Effective Yet.
 4. Hit up Dollar General to stock up on shipping boxes from their cardboard bin
 5.  Set a New Earnings Goal this Week.   New goal is $250.00.  I can do it. Did not reach this goal.

 Here are my goals for this week, I gotta get busy!!

1.   Organize my new rolling carts.  They sure can hold a lot of stuff!
2.  List 50 items on Ebay. 
4Earnings Goal for this Week is $250.00
5.  Exercise.  Seriously, this goal has not been meet since the New Year.  Boo!!
What about you?  How did you do on your goals this week?
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Wendy said...

Lol, I kicked ass at the exercising part (for a change) and didn't do so well on the posting stuff on line part... But no worries, it's a new week. Good luck with your goals! :)

Van said...

Looks like you've done pretty well! This week I've increased exercise, gotta take it slow to succeed :P