Sunday, July 14, 2019

What Sold on eBay July 8th-14th, 2019

Sales are on the upswing, I am still utilizing promoted listings at 2% and, I did a storewide 15% sale which ended this Sunday.  I also took Best Offers, for already reduced items.  I was anxious to reach my goal of a minimum in $300.00 in sales for each week and I passed it by $4 lol. I guess you can say mission accomplished.  There are a couple of items that have best offers and one waiting for payment.  I will add those to next week’s total. 

Total Items in Store:583
Items Sold: 18
Gross Sales: $311.00

Highest Price Sold: $50.00 Collectible Doll from Cuba
Average Price Sold: $17
Returns Zero
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $13
Number of items listed this week: 35

I am still working hard to reach a mini goal of 600 with a back to school goal of 700 items listed.  I listed 35 items this week that seems to be the number that I stop at when listing. 
I calculated 6-month goals with regards to gross income from eBay. 

The last six months of this year (2019) I am working towards earning a minimum of $300 a week gross sales, $1300 a month in gross sales.   By the end of the year, that will be an end goal of $7800 gross sales.  Of course, more is better!

When we go on Christmas break at work (I work at an elementary school) I will have time to revisit these goals with the intent of revising them to reach a higher weekly income.  

Items are still selling from the Forty Box Challenge  and I still have items to list from that box lot. 

How are you summer sales?  Are you finding lots of treasures to resell?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Why I Like eBay Global Shipping!

If you recall, I sold these Fire King Jadeite bowls a couple of weeks ago, and they went to their new home in Japan via the eBay  Global Shipping Program.

When you ship an item through Global Shipping, you will receive email updates that state the package has successfully arrived and left the eBay shipping facility and is on its way to the customer.

It is always reassuring to get these emails from eBay and know that your package is making its way to the customer.

Last Friday, I received an email through eBay from the buyer letting me know that one of the bowls was broke and that she wanted a full refund.

She sent pictures of the damage.  It was not pretty.

I called eBay customer service and asked them to
help me sort this out.

They saw that the item did make it to the Global Shipping center in Kentucky safely,  and they also saw the pictures of the box and the damaged bowl that the customer received.

They closed the case immediately and refunded the buyer but not at my expense.  I was covered under the eBay seller protection by using the Global Shipping program. This also means the buyer cannot leave negative feedback.

They take care of everything when you use their program, they charge the buyer the appropriate import fees and taxes and ensure delivery to the buyer.

Are you using the eBay Global Shipping Program in you eBay business?

Sunday, July 7, 2019

What Sold on eBay This Week July 1- 7, 2019

Thomas Edison's Winter Home

Sales this week were only a tiny bit higher in number than last week, but the sales, when compared to last week, were less. I am grateful for the sales I did get, and I will keep on listing to get my store numbers up and try not to buy new inventory for at least one week.  I said that last week, but that didn't quite work out.

I am still utilizing promoted listings at 2% and for the Fourth, I did a storewide 15% sale.  The sale accounted for about half of the sales, and before I started the sale, there were a couple of best offers I accepted from customers. 

We took a two day trip to Fort Meyers to see the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The museum, Edison's lab, his home, and Henry Ford's home were fantastic. Definitely recommend a guided tour to get the most from your visit.  I missed two days of listing, but that's fine.  We needed to get away. 

Here are the numbers for July 1-7, 2019

Total Items in Store: 565
Items Sold: 10
Gross Sales: $237.12

Highest Price Sold: $70.00 Vintage Wall Tapestry of Last Supper
Average Price Sold: 24.00
Returns: Pending
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $36
Number of items listed this week: 35
Average Price Sold:   $24.00

I found the Tapestry at GW for $6.99 and took a best offer of $70. It has been in my inventory since December.  It is headed to California 

This piece of AVON is from the Forty Box Challenge.  It probably averages out to a cost of .25 cents. It is on its way to Texas 

I found a box of both the Monorail supports and curved rails (which are still listed) The whole box cost $2.99 and each piece averages about .10 cents.  They are on their way to Maryland.

 We picked up these two books at a garage sale for .25 cents for both.  Took a best offer of $10.  They are on their way to Minnesota.

These pieces were in a bag of about 25 pieces for $2.99.  We took a Best Offer of $10 for this lot. They are headed to Alabama 

This is another item from the Forty Box Challenge.  It had best offer on the listing, but the buyer paid full price. It is going to Nevada

Another item from the Forth Box Challenge.  We took an offer of $16. It is on its way to Los Angeles 

This Doom Buggy is part of a game, the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland that was made in 1975.  I found the game at Goodwill for 2.99.  I decided to break the game apart and list the different pieces and part from the game.  I originally had three doom buggys listed for 69.99.  The buyer emailed and asked if I would sell the red one to her for $24 plus shipping so she could complete her set.  Why.... yes I was happy to do that! 
I love to buy vintage games and list the pieces.  It can be longtail, but it is definitely worth it.  It is on its way to California.

The pie server was bought in a lot of 6 items for $4.00.  I took a best offer of $10 for it.  It was shipped to New York.

Found this little  Noritake creamer at GoodWill in December for .99 cents.  It is on its way to Washington DC

Will next week be a better week?  I sure hope so.  How are your eBay sales this summer?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Frank Lloyd Wright

We took a short day trip to Florida Southern University to visit and tour the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture that was on the campus.  They have a magnificent display of his work.  I cannot wait to go back and tour the planetarium that he built.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

What Sold This Week on Ebay June 23-30th, 2019

My eBay store was a little bit busier this week.  Nine items sold for total gross sale of $278.98.  The increase in traffic may be related all of my listings are being promoted at the rate of 2%.  Honestly, it is worth it to me.  I put in all the work to find, prep, and list the items, if using promoted listings garners more sales, then so be it.  I will keep promoted listing going for now.

A few more items from the Forty Box Challenge has sold, and I still have more to list from the remaining boxes.  I hope to get the rest of the stuff from the boxes listed by the end of the week.

Total Items in Store: 542
Items Sold: 9
Gross Sales: $278.98

Highest Price Sold: $75.00 Vintage Trolley Lift
Average Price Sold: 31.00
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $20
Number of items listed this week: 38

Lot of 5 Perfume Bottles B/O $17 Buyer Paid Shipping
Part of 40 Box Challenge 
Purchased at Goodwill for $4.99, Sold for B/0 of$ 35.00
Going To Canada via Global Shipping. Buyer Paid Shipping

Avon First Christmas Candle Frankincense Myrrh  Fragrance Part of 40 Box Challenge Best Offer of $25.00, Going to Indiana,  Buyer Paid Shipping

When you sell on eBay, you rarely find out the back story of the items purchased.  I had an item purchased by an individual new to eBay, and when the transaction was complete, she sent me this lovely email.

New message from: ________ (0)

You have just done a wonderful thing, my dear! This little candle was a big deal during my childhood Christmas many, MANY years ago...and my mother loved that candle. Upon her death, that was the candle she wanted by her bedside. The candle expired the same night my mother did, and I cannot wait to smell that scent again...I have been remembering it for over 45 years. Thank you very much! 

I wrote her back and let her know how happy I was that this item will give her joy and peace at the same time. 

You just never know, do you?

Sold for $30 Picked up by buyer.  Free.  

Best offer of $75, buyer picked it up did not cost us anything.

My husband's job is primarily HVAC at a large health care facility, and they are constantly doing upgrades and renovations.  I have to keep reminding him to bring home the industrial stuff!  He is one to just throw it all away, which drives me crazy.  You just never know what will sell!
trolley and hook, lives in Alabama and is traveling here to go to Disney this weekend.  He stopped  by Saturday on his way to the theme parks to pick these items up.  It was super nice to meet the buyer and his family.

 Pretty much, everything sells on eBay!

Starbucks Mug, paid .69 cents and sold for best offer of 28.00
Buyer paid shipping, and is going to Seattle
I bought this mug at Goodwill in January of this year and I originally had it listed for $49.99 or best offer.  Well, I had an offer for $38.00 and I COUNTEROFFERED.  That was not my best strategy, good grief, I was kicking myself for that move.  Anyway, that is when I decided to hardly ever turn down a decent offer.  Live and learn. 

Vintage Shiny Brite Manger Scene B/O of $21.00
The shiny Brite Manger was purchased at a garage sale in January of this year (2019).  The family let me buy a pile of items (approximately 20ish) for $7.00.   I love to find vintage Christmas items, they bring back good memories.  I hope this has a good home and is appreciated.

Vintage Fenton Hobnail Opalescent Perfume Bottle
Sold for  $18.99  buyer paid shipping, headed to Indiana
and is from the Forty Box Challenge

I appreciate the sales I did have this week and hope that they continue and that they increase.  There is an end goal with rebooting my eBay store again.  I would like to build it big enough to bring in a moderate income as retirement approaches. But, I don't want it to be too big that I can't handle all that it takes to run an eBay store.

Working fulltime during the school year, I won't be able to list as much, but listing and packing up orders gives me great satisfaction. But, I will continue to do what I can to accomplish my goal.   And when I say goal, well... I am still working on what is the minimum weekly gross sales that would work for us in retirement in the next 3-5 years.  That's  a whole 'nother post!!

How were your eBay sales this week? 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Checking In

We are half way through Summer break and I am feeling the need to be more attentive to getting things done both here at the house and for my eBay business.  Around the house - I want to go through dresser drawers and closets to get rid of what I don't want anymore. For my eBay business, I want to increase my listings to 700-750 by the time school starts on Aug 12th.   
Cricket and I on our morning walk before
 it gets too hot to do anything!  

Mostly I write things down so I won't forget.  With menopause finishing up, I am pretty sure I lost some valuable brain cells in the process.  Maybe you can identify?  Walking from one room to another and not remembering why you came into the new room? Yep.  Happens all the time. 

I am still working on going through and listing items from the Forty Box Challenge. I have been tracking what has sold so far and it has been a slow dime.  But, I kinda expected that with it being summer.  I paid $100 for all the boxes, framed pictures and lamps.  As of today, I have sold $100 gross of those specific items.  There is still more to list ad I am excited to see what all actually sells, especially during the 4th quarter.  

For today I have decided to put this list together and see how much I can accomplish.

  • Continue to go through the closet with the goal of listing the clothes or recycling to Goodwill.
  • Clean and organize my eBay shipping supplies.  
  • Sweep front porch and organize the plants.
  • List 10 more items
  • Garage sales in the AM

Sunday, June 23, 2019

What Sold This Week June 17-22, 2019

June 17-22
Total Items in Store:  513
Items Sold:  4
Gross Sales:  $98.19
Cost of Items Sold:  3.00
Highest Price Sold:  49.99 ( Jadeite Fire King Bowls- personal collection)
Avg Price Sold:  $24.54
Money Spent on Inventory:  $19.50
Number of Items Listed This Week: 23

Different coffee mugs with unique advertising or designs will always catch my eye and I will pick them up when I see them.  The Viking mug I paid $0.99 and it sold rather quickly for $12.99 and it is going to Minnesota, buyer paid shipping.

The red Tupperware spoons I found at a local Thrift Store in a bag of stuff. I would estimate that tey cost me about $0.99 cents  They sold for $26.99 and are going to Idaho, buyer paid shipping.

The vintage Avon body talc was one of the many items from the Forty Box Challenge.  It probably cost me less than a dime and it sold for a best offer of $8.25 and is on its way to Texas, buyer paid shipping.

The Vintage Jadeite Fire King bowls were sold at auction for $49.99.  I have been downsizing my Fire King collection slowly but surely and I have had these bowls for decades.  I probably didn't pay that much for them back then, but the actual cost I am not really sure of.  The bowls are going to Japan through the Global Shipping program and the buyer paid shipping.

June has been a slow month with regards to sales.  I decided to ad best offer to all of my listings and I also changed all my listing to promoted listings at %2.  When an item sells, eBay will get an additional 2% of the price as a charge for promoting the listing.  We are not charged anything for promoted listings until the item sells.  The promoted listings started last week, and I will keep you posted on how it impacts my sales.

Actually, the vintage red Tupperware spoons did sell with the help of promoted listings at an additional cost of $0.54.

I have about 3 unopened boxes to go through from the 40 Box  Challenge, and there is a BUNCH of stuff still to list. There are a wide variety of items to list, ranging from vintage AVON to religious and spiritual items to everyday vintage bric a brac which happens to include several Fenton pieces.

Today started out hot but I still managed to get the yard mowed, jumped in the pool, to cool off, cleaned up and went to Old Time Pottery store to find another gazing ball for the back yard.  The shopping trip was successful and I will share pictures of my new ball soon.

How is the weather where you are?  Is it hot?  My cousin lives in Denver and she shared pictures on FB of the snow they received on the first day of Summer.